Aussie Millions Main Event

O'Shea Closing in on a Million

Tim O'Shea

We just saw a monster pot take place that resulted in Tim O'Shea vaulting into the chip lead. It happened when O'Shea opened under the gun and Josh Barrett defended from the big blind. A raising war ensued on the {3-}{5-}{7-Spades} flop before the {4-Spades} was put out on the turn. At this point, Barrett check-called a bet of 125,000, and followed that up with another check-call of 150,000 on the {A-} river.

O'Shea rolled over {A-Spades}{6-Spades} for a straight, and Barrett exclaimed, "How do you have a six there?" Barrett revealed that he held {5-}{7-} and was clearly upset at losing the monster pot. With that, O'Shea is the tournament chip leader.

Chip stacks
Tim O'Shea 940,000 460,000
Josh Barrett 245,000 -415,000

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