Aussie Millions Main Event

Kings? Muck'em!

The action started of with Stuart Kerr raising to 15,000. Phil Ivey was directly to Kerr's left and he three-bet to 40,000. The action got folded back to Kerr who quickly put in 115,000. Within half a second Phil Ivey announced he was all-in. Everyone expected Kerr to call rather quickly but he kept thinking with just 123,000 chips left behind.

Since it was the first hand of the day Ivey was still busy stacking his chips as Kerr was pondering what to do. After two minutes he open folded {K-Diamonds}{K-Hearts} and seven jaws drop onto the table rail. "Will you please show", Kerr asked Ivey who replied with, "I don't like showing my hands", as he produced a little smirk. "Come on!", Oscar Kemps shouted from the other side of the room judging Kerr's move immediately. We will never know what Ivey had but Kerr will probably dream about this hand if he ends up not making the money.

As we all know Ivey didn't came here to fold, and we will probably seeing a lot more of this fast paced action!

Chip stacks
Phil Ivey us 900,000 121,500
Stuart Kerr 123,000 -115,000

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