Aussie Millions Main Event

Koon Drops a Bit

Kenneth Wong

While most of the room was racking up and moving seats, there was a big hand in progress at Table 25.

It began with Jason Koon opening to 20,000 in early position, and Kenneth Wong three-bet to 50,000 a couple seats over. The two of them were heads-up the rest of the way, and Koon checked to the reraiser on the {2-Diamonds} {J-Hearts} {8-Diamonds} flop. Wong stuck in a bet of 62,000 there and another 100,000 on the {2-Hearts} turn with Koon check-calling both bullets.

On the river, the {5-Hearts} drew one last check from Koon, and Wong took his cue to bet 225,000 — about half his remaining stack. That was the move that sent Koon deep into the tank, and he would spend maybe four or five minutes of quality time in the tank. Finally, he flicked the call into the pot.

Wong turned up {A-Spades} {A-Diamonds}, and aces up earn him that healthy pot. It moves him all the way up around 1.1 million, knocking Koon back under the million-chip mark.

Chip stacks
Kenneth Wong 1,100,000 380,000
Jason Koon us 890,000 -435,000

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