Aussie Millions Main Event

Big One For Wong

We missed the pre flop action but judged from the chips in the pot there was more than just a single raise. The small blind, Lesinskis, had 55,000 chips laid out in front of him while Kenneth Wong had 130,000 invested in the pot. It was on Lesinskis who tanked for a bit before sliding out 275,000 for the three-bet. Wong tanked for a while and than made the call.

The turn was the {5-Diamonds} and Lesinskis opted to check. Wong thought about it for a minute or so before betting 225,000 chips. Lesinskis was far from happy and opted to lay his hand down resulting in a serious loss.

Chip stacks
Kenneth Wong 1,285,000 485,000
Janis Lesinskis 545,000 -235,000

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