Aussie Millions Main Event

Slade Fisher Eliminated in 18th Place (A$60,000)

Slade Fisher - 18th place

Slade Fisher was short for a while and after his previous shove didn't get called he went for it again. This time he shoved for 124,000 under the gun +1 and Karim Jomeen made the call from the button. The other players folded giving us another all-in showdown.

Karim Jomeen{A-Clubs}{J-Hearts}
Slade Fisher{K-Diamonds}{J-Diamonds}

The flop brought out {10-Clubs}{8-Clubs}{8-Hearts} and Jomeen stayed in the lead. On the turn the {K-Spades} hit and Fisher seemed to be back in it. From the rail we heard, "It's coming, wait for it" and a nice "Bink!", as the {Q-Diamonds} got flipped over by the dealer. Jomeen hit his straight and ended Fisher's tournament run.

Chip stacks
Karim Jomeen gb 755,000 103,000
Slade Fisher nz Ude

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