Aussie Millions Main Event

Kenneth And Kowssarie


We came to Table 28 with a raised pot being raked into the middle and Mohamad Kowssarie and Kenneth Wong taking to a {2-Diamonds}{a-Spades}{3-Clubs} flop.

Both players checked on the flop and the {3-Diamonds} hit the turn. Wong made it 56,000 to see a river card and Kowssarie made the call as the {4-Diamonds} hit the felt. This time Wong checked and Kowssarie bet 100,000. Wong made the call and sent his cards into the muck when Kowssarie tabled his {a-Clubs}{q-Hearts}.

Chip stacks
Mohamad Kowssarie 2,700,000 470,000
Kenneth Wong 1,400,000 -350,000

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