Aussie Millions Main Event

On Yer Unicycle

[user66118] • Level 4: 150-300, 25 ante

Melanie Weisner is in the field today on her own dime, but she's trying to change that right now; she is currently upstairs in Studio 3 with Tony G and a unicycle.

Two days ago, The G issued a challenge that if Weisner could ride the unicycle for two laps around a poker table, he'd freeroll her into the Main Event. The lady intended to play Day 1b yesterday, but she chose to spend a few hours at the circus of all places, getting some pointers and practice runs from those most comfortable on the one-wheeled bike.

We'll let you know how it pans out for Weisner when she gets back to the tournament in a few minutes. Hopefully still in one piece. And hopefully freerolling courtesy of Tony G.

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