Aussie Millions Main Event

Macau Masters

[user66118] • Level 5: 200-400, 50 ante

Sam Trickett has been moved to the direct left of Phil Ivey for the evening session, and that should make for some good times up there. The two men have become acquainted over the past year or so, possibly beginning with Trickett's high-rolling success in this building in 2011. But they've spent some good time together in the months leading up to this Aussie Millions, too, from what we understand. Ivey and Trickett have both been active participants in the nosebleed cash games that have been running like clockwork in Macau lately. Having a friendly face on his left seems to have lightened Ivey's mood, too, and he's been grinning and chatting since he returned from the break about twenty minutes late.

We can't be faulted for trying to glean some of the table talk for our notepads, but things got awfully hush-hush when our reporter walked up to the table. The conversation resumed quickly when he stepped away, though, so we'll take the hint that the conversation is not for our ears. Or your eyes.

Trickett has about 50,000 chips or so to work with, while Ivey has nearly four times that.

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