Aussie Millions Main Event

2012 Aussie Millions Final Table Begins; Champion Set To Be Crowned


This is it! It’s the final day of the 2012 Aussie Millions Main Event. By the end of today there will only be one man going home with $1,600,000 dollars; One man going home with a gold ring; One man going home as the Aussie Millions champion!

It’s taken one day longer than expected, but here we are on Day 6 and it really is going to be an exciting day. Almost a week ago there were 659 players with one goal on their mind and now there are only eight. Coming into today’s final table with the best chance at doing the victory dance is Bjorn Li. The last hand of the night saw Li eliminate Daniel Idema in eighth place and here we are.

Don’t ride off any of the other players though as they have proven over the last week that they can play tough poker on the big stage.

Here is what the lineup looks like coming into the final table:

SeatNameChip CountBBsChip%
1Mile Krstanoski2,295,0005711.6%
2Yann Dion2,325,0005811.7%
3Patrick Healy2,995,0007415.1%
4Bjorn Li4,775,00012024%
5Kenneth Wong2,330,0005811.7%
6Oliver Speidel3,415,0008517.2%
7Mohamad Kowssarie1,750,000448.8%

All seven players are in with a chance at capturing the title and winning the A$1,600,000 first place prize. It’s going to be a long day, but PokerNews will be here by the felt, waiting with anticipation at who will be crowned the champion.

It’s all happening in Studio 3 at Crown Casino in Melbourne and we will be here from 12.30 pm AEST, so make sure you don’t miss any of the tough decisions, gut-wrenching bad beats, hero calls and sick folds. To find out more about each of the final table contestants, stay tuned for a profile on each player. Remember, one of them will be immortalized by the end of the day!