$10,000 Main Event

A Look at the 2004 Aussie Millions: Tony Bloom Claims Victory in Main Event

• Level 2: 100-200, 0 ante
Bloom playing in the $100,000 Challenge earlier this week.

Today's tournament has a special connection to the 2004 Aussie Millions as Tony Bloom, that year's champion, is in the field. As such, we thought it'd be worthwhile to take a look back at the 2004 Aussie Millions, a year that saw an extra tournament added to the schedule and Americans Seth Towle, Steve Zolotow, and Andy Glazer win side events.

2004 Aussie Millions Results

$100 No Limit Hold’emMarty Wilson (U.K.)
$500 Limit Hold’emJohn Homann (Australia)
$500 Limit OmahaArul Thillai (Australia)
$500 Pot Limit Hold’emAndy Glazer (USA)
$500 Pot Limit OmahaSeth Towle (USA)
$1,600 Limit Hold’emSam Korman (Australia)
$1,600 Limit Seven-card StudAndy Glazer (USA)
$5,200 Heads-up NLHEPer Werner Swennson (Sweden)
$2,100 Limit Omaha Hi/LoMichael Guttman (Australia)
$1,100 Pot Limit Hold’emMike Ivin (Australia)
$5,200 Pot Limit OmahaSteve Zolotow (USA)
$10,500 NLHE Main EventTony Bloom (England)

The Main Event final table that year was comprised of two Americans, two Englishmen, and five Australians, making the probability of a local capturing the national title quite high. Unfortunately, that hope diminished significantly when the first four eliminations were Aussies. Not long after, the last Australian, David Hatzis, was sent packing in fourth place, leaving Americans Kenna James and Jesse Jones to take on England’s Tony Bloom.

James was the first to fall in third place, and Jones followed him back across the Pacific in second. Bloom became the second Englishman in a row to win the title, and took home AUD$426,500 for his performance.

2004 Aussie Millions Main Event Results

Buy-inEntrantsPrize Pool
1stTony Bloom (England)$426,500
2ndJesse Jones (USA)$243,700
3rdKenna James (USA)$134,000
4thDavid Hatzis (Australia)$109,700
5thMark Banin (England)$85,300
6thBrian Hull (Australia)$73,100
7thMike Ivin (Australia)$60,900
8thHan Luu (Australia)$48,700
9thTino Lechich (Australia)$36,600

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