$250,000 Challenge

"Rebuy! Chips! Chips!"

• Level 5: 3,000-6,000, 500 ante

Those words just came out of Andrew Robl's mouth after he lost an all in against Tony Bloom.

The flop read {Q-Hearts}{4-Clubs}{9-Hearts} when Robl had checked to Bloom who bet 19,000. Robl check-raised to 44,000 after which Bloom moved all in. Robl made the call and showed {A-Clubs}{A-Diamonds} versus Bloom's {A-Hearts}{4-Hearts}.

The turn brought the {2-Hearts} and the river the {2-Diamonds} giving Robl a knockout blow.

"Rebuy! Chips! Chips!" Robl yelled with a smile on his face. So far we've seen three eliminations and just as many rebuys.

Chip stacks
Tony Bloom gb 435,000 215,000
Andrew Robl us Ude

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