Main Event

One Win for Wilinofsky Both In Position and Out

Ben Wilinofsky raised the button (320k) and Max Heinzelmann made the call. He check-folded to Wilinofsky's 400,000 bet on the {K-Clubs}{2-Diamonds}{7-Clubs} flop.

The next hand Heinzelmann made the same raise and received the same preflop flat call. He bet similarly (425,000) when Wilinofsky checked the {K-Diamonds}{7-Clubs}{Q-Clubs} flop but folded when he was check-raised quickly to 1,100,000.

Spiller Chips Fremskridt
Ben Wilinofsky
ca 15,785,000 -1,680,000
Max Heinzelmann
7,345,000 1,680,000

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