Main Event

Another Former EPT Champion Doubles Up: Roberto Romanello

An early double up for Romanello

As we melt into level two cheeky, chirpy Roberto Romanello is sat behind 58,000 chips. The enigmatic Welshman told us that three people saw an all-spade king-high flop in a three bet pot. The aggressor fired out a c-bet of 3,000 and Romanello was the only remaining player to call. The turn saw the aggressor fire out a bet of 6,000 and Romanello once again called. On the river the aggressor bet 5,000, Romanello put him all-in and the aggressor called.

Romanello{A-Spades} {8-Spades}
Eliminated Player{A-} {K-}

Romanello, who now has 58,000 chips, was telling us how excited he was for EPT Prague, which comes up in a few weeks time. Romanello will be the defending champion going into that event and he has half of Wales travelling over to support him.

Chip stacks
Roberto Romanello gb 58,000 28,000

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