Main Event

Hark The Herold Angel Wins

Jason Wheeler made a standard raise from early position and he received two cold callers in the shape of Emmanoyil Martorakis (SB) and Julian Herold (BB). The three of them stared downwards onto a {10-Spades} {8-Hearts} {7-Spades} flop and it was a flop that caused all sorts of mayhem. Martorakis took the betting lead with a 1,600 punt before Julian Herold raised to 5,400. Wheeler studied the board before making the call and then Martorakis pulled in the crowds with a raise to 14,100. What seemed like a pretty innocuous hand had turned into something pretty exciting. Herold thought so because he didn't want to let his hand go and made the call. Wheeler was next and he too didn't fancy discarding his two pieces of card, but after a while in the tank did decide to fold.

The dealer laid the {8-Diamonds} perfectly on its back and Martorakis checked to Herold who moved all-in. It was a decision for Martorakis' future in EPT Loutrakis and he made the call.

Herold{J-Hearts} {9-Clubs}
Martorakis{A-Spades} {2-Spades}

Martorakis needed a spade on the river and the last time we checked the {7-Clubs} was not a spade and Martorakis was gone. Herold meantime took his place at the top of our chip counts with two more levels left to play.

Chip stacks
Julian Herold de 155,000 75,000

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