Main Event

Good Fold By Behbehani?

Salman Behbehani raised to 350 in first position and Georges Yazbeck made the three-bet to 1,550 from the big blind. Behbehani studied his opponent (who looked like a mature gentleman that doesn't have the word bluff in his vocabulary) before making the call.

The flop was {K-Diamonds} {Q-Clubs} {3-Diamonds} and Yazbeck bet 2,250 and Behbehani called. The {10-Spades} on the turn was checked by both parties before we saw the {6-Spades} on the river. Yazbeck bet 3,150 and Behbehani didn't look like a happy pappy. He feverishly fiddled with his chips before finally folding his hand.

"What do you think?" He asked Rettenmaier.

"Good fold, Said the German

Yazbeck must be doing something right because he now has 57,000 chips.

Chip stacks
Salman Behbehani us 24,000 -11,000

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