Main Event

Kevin MacPhee Doubles Up

The player seated in first position raised to 525 and the action folds around to the small blind who three-bets to 2,100. Kevin MacPhee is seated in the big blind and he four-bets to 5,750. The original raiser folds and the player in the small blind makes the call. The flop rains down {10-} {8-} {4-} and the small blind checks to MacPhee who bets 4,200 and the small blind calls. The turn was the {5-} and the small blind moves all-in with a pot sized shove and MacPhee calls.

MacPhee{K-} {K-}
Small Blind{A-} {Q-}

No ace on the river and Macphee moves up to 68,000.

Chip stacks
Kevin MacPhee us 68,000

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