Main Event

Table 19 Action: Kenny Hallaert Eliminated

Table 19 is chocked full of poker superstars and so it made a perfect setting to start our day. The table was buzzing with plenty of talking and laughter and most of it was coming out of the mouth of McLean Karr. When the first card was dealt the noise was sucked out from the table and replaced with an eerie silence. The action folded around to Karr and his game face was ON. He was in the small blind and he raised to 1,700 and Jude Ainsworth had a pensive thought before releasing his hand.

In the next hand Kenny Hallaert opened up the action in the cutoff making it 1,300 to play and once again it was Captain Karr who won the hand, a three-bet for 2,950 on the button putting Hallaert in his place.

Hallaert then picked up another hand in the hijack. He raised to 1,300 and this time Ainsworth three-bet to 3,600 on the button. The action folded around to Hallaert and he moved all-in for around 20,000 and Ainsworth called. Hallaert was the player at risk of elimination.

Ainsworth{J-Hearts} {J-Diamonds}
Hallaert{3-Spades} {3-Hearts}

Flop: {A-Spades} {Q-Spades} {2-Spades}

"It is never easy," said Karr.

Turn: {5-Clubs}

Hallaert had even more outs.

River: {8-Hearts}

Hallaert was gone and Ainsworth got a nice little kick in the first few hands.

Chip stacks
Jude Ainsworth ie 53,000
Kenny Hallaert be Ude

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