Main Event

Pierre Mothes Eliminated in 5th Place (€67,200)

Pierre Mothes has been eliminated

Zimnan Ziyard raised to 110,000 on the button and after John Taramas folded in the small blind, Pierre Mothes called in the big blind.

Flop: {Q-Clubs} {J-Clubs} {9-Clubs}

A nice little flop if you were holding a pair of clubs! Mothes checked to Ziyard who c-bet 135,000 and Mothes moved all-in for 1,775,000. Ziyard dived into a crouched position, checked his cards eagerly and made the call. We were staring at the face of Mothes during this action and when the cards were overturned he looks like he had seen a ghost.

Ziyard{7-Clubs} {5-Clubs}
Mothes{Q-Diamonds} {J-Spades}

Ziyard had flopped the flush and Mothes had floped top two pair.

"Has he got me covered," Mothes asked through a quivering lip.

The turn of {4-Clubs} and river of {5-Diamonds} meant the flush held strong and Mothes was really struggling to hold back his emotion. He waited patiently for the count and Ziyard had him covered by 200,000 chips and he left the table to a round of applause. Ziyard, meanwhile, returned to the top of the chip counts.

Chip stacks
Zimnan Ziyard gb 3,750,000 1,710,000
Pierre Mothes de Ude

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