Main Event

Seat 4: Hauke Heseding, (24, Berlin, Germany – PokerStars qualifier) – 1,660,000

Hauke Heseding

Heseding is a part-time poker player who is currently on a year's national service in the army. Heseding mainly plays multi-table tournaments in his spare time and only last month chopped the Sunday Million on PokerStars. He won his seat to Loutraki in unusual circumstances. He had already won a €27 rebuy to the €500 super satellite for Loutraki but had been planning to use the ticket for other tournaments. However as the EPT satellite had already started, he was forced to play it – and duly won his seat to this, his first ever EPT.

Heseding has been playing poker for around five years but has only gotten serious about it in the last 18 months. He doesn't see himself playing poker professionally in the future; instead he intends to go to university, keeping poker as a recreational hobby.

Bio courtesy of PokerStars.

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