Main Event

A Fine Time to Find Aces


Some second-hand information from our Dutch colleagues regarding the fate of Leo Armino. This pot began with the under-the-gun player raising and Armino calling one seat over. Next door to them, Steve O'Dwyer squeezed in another raise to 3,000 total, and Philip Verboven cold-called in the small blind. That folded the initial raiser, but Armino was reaching for reraising chips. He made it 12,000 total, O'Dwyer shoved in with his covering stack, Verboven folded pocket tens, and Armino called off his remaining stack with ace-king. O'Dwyer rolled over the ol' ace-ace, and a nine-high board did nothing to save Armino's tournament life.

We're waiting for O'Dwyer to stack up before we can count him down, but it looks like he's recovered his losses to climb back to about 75,000.

Chip stacks
Steve O'Dwyer ie 75,000 30,000

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