Main Event

Boeree Sticks It In


In early position, Max Silver opened with a raise to 725, and there was a flat-call from a couple seats over. On the button, Liv Boeree snuck in a reraise to 2,025, but small blind Mark Pukhov made a cold four-bet to 5,000 straight. Not to be out-done, Silver raised it right back up to 9,300, and that folded the monkey in the middle. After some thought, Boeree shoved all in for 37,500, folding Pukhov and sending the decision back to Silver. He, too, would spend a few minutes thinking it over, but he eventually surrendered his {A-Hearts} {K-Hearts} face-up on the felt.

With her shove, Boeree has worked her stack up over 50,000.

Chip stacks
Liv Boeree gb 53,000 14,700

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