Main Event

Elder, Pezzin Tangle


From middle position, Morten Erlandsen raised to 2,000, and Pat Pezzin three-bet to 5,500 next door. Over on the button, Rupert Elder came in from the cold with a four-bet to 12,000 total. That folded Erlandsen, but Pezzin made the call to proceed.

The dealer spread out {10-Hearts} {3-Diamonds} {8-Clubs}, and Pezzin knocked the table. Elder took pause, then continued out with a small bet of 9,000. Pezzin flatted, and the two men checked through the {6-Spades} turn. On the river, the {5-Diamonds} cued Pezzin into action, and he led out with a bet of 16,000. Elder snap-called.

Pezzin showed up {J-Clubs} {J-Hearts} for the overpair to the board, and it was good. Elder's {Q-} {10-} were not enough, and that loss knocks him back down around 63,000. It's an upward trend for Pezzin, though, and he's crossed a big milestone up to 111,000.

Chip stacks
Pat Pezzin ca 111,000 31,700
Rupert Elder gb 63,000 -28,900

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