Main Event

Cavaller Climbing

From middle position, Filip Verboven raised to 4,200. He was called by Ozcan Barut in the hijack seat, Guillem Cavaller in the cutoff seat, Sergey Prochny in the small blind and finally Haykel Cherif Vidal in the big blind.

With five players in the hand, the pot stood at 23,700 and the dealer ran out the first three community cards. After the {K-Hearts}{9-Spades}{4-Clubs} were placed in the middle of the felt. Action checked to the preflop raiser, Verboven. He fired a continuation bet of 11,600 and Barut called. Cavaller put in a raise to 33,500 and play folded back to Verboven. He took a minute before sliding his cards into the muck and then Barut tanked. Eventually, he folded as well and Cavaller picked up the pot.

Cavaller's up to 365,000 in chips after picking up this pot. Prior to getting moved to this table, Cavaller sent Mustapha Kanit to the rail in a queens-versus-aces situation where all the money went in preflop and Cavaller spiked a queen on the flop.

Chip stacks
Guillem Usero 365,000
Filip Verboven be 165,000 -15,000

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