Main Event

Closing in On the Bubble


We're less than a dozen eliminations away from the money, and that realization seems to finally be setting in.

The floor was just summoned to Table 2, so we followed the suited men over there to see what was going on. The reason for the call was because Joe Serock was stuck in the tank. He was sitting with just under 40,000 chips, and a few players at the table were mumbling their displeasure with the perceived stall.

The floorman counted through the last ten seconds of the clock, then reached down and killed Serock's hand for him.

From across the table, big stack Dennis Bejedal was one of the most vociferous complainers, though he didn't speak directly to Serock. "I mean... it's still eleven spots," he said to nobody in particular. "He wants the money, but I want to play the bubble. If he keeps doing it every hand..."

Chip stacks
Joe Serock us 39,000 -22,300

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