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Stogel's Exit Comes At Boeree's Hands

Liv Boeree

We've just gotten the details of one of our eliminations from a couple minutes ago. And we're going to write it, because it affords us the chance to put a photo of Liv Boeree in the blog.

Under the gun, Boeree made it 10,000 to go, and David Stogel three-bet shoved for 76,000 total. Boeree looked him up with {Q-Spades} {Q-Clubs}, and Stogel seemed content to flip for double or nothing with {A-Diamonds} {K-Diamonds}.

The board ran clean for Boeree, coming {J-Diamonds} {5-Spades} {8-Clubs} {2-Spades} {J-Hearts} to send Stogel on his way.

Chip stacks
Liv Boeree gb 345,000 80,000
David Stogel Ude

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