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Hrdlicka Doubles Too


Another first-hand-back double-up.

David Hrdlicka was all in for 19,000 with {10-Spades} {10-Hearts}, and he was flipping against the {A-Clubs} {J-Hearts} of Gheorghe Sandulescu. The {10-Spades} {10-Diamonds} {J-Spades} flop was pretty decent for Hrdlicka, and the turn {K-Spades} locked up his double. The river {A-Diamonds} was too little, too late for Sandalescu, and he's granted Hrdlicka a small double.

Chip stacks
Gheorghe Sandulescu 290,000 4,000
David Hrdlicka 50,000 31,000

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