Main Event

Sayonara, Sinel


Vojtech Ruzicka raised to 11,000 under the gun, and Anton Sinel three-bet shoved for 63,000 behind him. Sergey Baburin made a cold-call behind, though, and that scared Ruzicka out of the way. Sinel was at risk, and the cards were shown down:

Sinel: {A-Clubs} {K-Diamonds}
Baburin: {K-Clubs} {K-Hearts}

There was no funny stuff on the {3-Hearts} {8-Clubs} {10-Clubs} {10-Spades} {9-Diamonds} board, and Sinel's Big Slick could not catch up. He's out, and Baburin moves up to about 380,000 with the addition of those chips.

Chip stacks
Sergey Baburin ru 380,000 67,000
Anton Sinel Ude

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