Main Event

Renkers Drags a Monster to Take the Lead


Under the gun, Patrick Renkers opened to 20,000, and Dennis Bejedal flatted in position. Heads up, the two of them took a {4-Clubs} {Q-Diamonds} {A-Spades} flop, and Renkers continued out with another 24,000. Bejedal popped it up to 60,000 total, and Renkers made the call to proceed.

That brought them to the {10-Clubs} turn where Renkers check-called another 108,000. The river brought the {5-Spades} and one last check from Renkers, and Bejedal took his cue to make his bet of 285,000. Renkers cut down his stack, then announced a surprise check-raise all in. Bejedal looked absolutely stricken, and he was facing a shove of 732,000 total chips. He had that covered, and he made a frustrated call to put Renkers at risk.

But the Dutchman had it. Renkers tabled {K-Hearts} {J-Hearts} for the stone cold nuts, and Bejeadal was less than thrilled. He mentioned that he had flopped a set with pocket queens, but he spun them into the muck and counted out his debt. When he paid it off, he was left with just about 340,000.

Renkers has skyrocketed to the top position, stacking up 1.852 million chips to open up a gap ahead of the pack.

Chip stacks
Patrick Renkers nl 1,852,000 615,000
Dennis Bejedal 340,000 -879,000

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