Main Event

Finger Close to Ten


The table folded around to the blinds, and Martin Finger raised to 160,000 first in. His neighbor David Boyaciyan flatted, and off they went heads-up.

The dealer spread out {J-Spades} {Q-Hearts} {6-Clubs}, and Finger bet 160,000. Boyaciyan called quickly, and Finger checked to him after the {10-Hearts} hit fourth street. Now it was Boyaciyan doing the betting, and he made it 280,000 to go. Finger called with just a moment's hesitation, and the {K-Diamonds} completed the board. Trading roles again, Finger led back out with 300,000, and Boyaciyan grumbled and made the call.

Finger tabled {K-Hearts} {J-Clubs}, and his two pair were good. Boyaciyan mucked, and he's slipped back down around 800,000 now, perhaps a bit lower. Finger's closing in on the ten-million-chip mark, but we've got him eyeballed at just a smidge less than that.

Chip stacks
Martin Finger de 9,825,000 825,000
David Boyaciyan nl 7,700,000 -1,500,000

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