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Guillem Usero Eliminated in 4th Place (€205,000)

Guillem Usero - 4th place

Guillem Usero got his last ~20bb into the pot before the flop with {A-Hearts} {8-Diamonds}, but he'd run his ace smack into the {K-Hearts} {K-Spades} of Martin Finger.

The at-risk player needed some help in a hurry, and the {J-Hearts} {4-Hearts} {2-Hearts} flop was a good start. Usero picked up the flush draw, and he'd add one extra out when the {8-Clubs} landed on fourth street. Thirteen outs would prove to be insufficient this time around, though, and the river {10-Diamonds} was the blank that ended his day.

It's been a fine run for the 21-year-old here in Prague, and he's notched the largest cash of his career. It's €205,000 as a consolation prize, and it leaves us with our final three players.

Chip stacks
Martin Finger de 13,500,000 2,875,000
Guillem Usero Ude

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