Main Event

Tough Tables

[user66118] • Level 3: 100-200, 0 ante
Dag Palovic

As the field just begins to thin out a bit, and the tables are breaking away from the edges, a few particularly tough tables are coming together.

Table 26 has Russel Carson in the four seat, fresh off his final table appearance at the WPT event just down the road. Yesterday. He's got the sharky David Vamplew on his left, followed by 2009 PCA Champion Harrison Gimbel. Around in the nine seat is a lady dressed up as Dag Palovic. Sorry, Dag Palovic dressed up as a lady.

Right behind them is Table 27, another tough place to get work done. Melanie Weisner is in the one seat, and she's joined by Anton Wigg (2), Johannes Strassmann (4), Praz Bansi (7), and Christophe Benzimra (9).

That's no fun over there, but Table 44 is our current favorite to watch. That table contains Mike McDonald, Kevin MacPhee, and Dominik Nitsche all in a row in that order. They're chatty, they're playing pots, and they're making life miserable for the other seven men at that table.