Main Event

Day 2 Arrives


From our two starting days, 407 players have survived to make this Day 2. It's Russia's Andrey Saenko with the big stack of just over 200,000, but he's got some dangerous players with plenty of ammunition lurking behind him. In fact, the next three players down the list could pose some problems for the chip leader. Mads Wissing (178,300), Max Silver (177,100), and Jude Ainsworth (151,700) round out the top four, and Wiiliam Thorson is also in the top ten with 133,400.

We haven't been apprised of the day's schedule yet, but we're bracing ourselves for a seven-level day until we hear otherwise. We'll let you know when we do.

For now, grab yourself a comfy chair and a mug of something hot, and join us as we prepare for this Day 2. The cards go flying in just about ten minutes, so don't wander off!