Main Event

Tough Tables

[user66118] • Level 10: 500-1,000, 100 ante
Lodden and Lex

As the field is quickly shrunken, a few tough tables are starting to form.

They're breaking high to low, so we'll start in the same fashion. Table 33 has Grayson Ramage, Johnny Lodden, and Lex Veldhuis right in a row in Seats 2-4.

Table 31 holds Anton Wigg (Seat 2), Dag Palovic (4), and Chris Moorman (8), but we'd expect to see that table break before the end of the level, too.

Moving across to the low tables, we've got a few groupings that figure to be together for a while. At Table 12, we find Max Silver (4), Dmitry Stelmak (7), and Dermot Blain (9). Table 11 right behind it has Ville Wahlbeck (1), Jonathan Duhamel (3), and Dominik Nitsche (6).

Table 9 is a particularly tough place to play right now, probably the leader in the Table of Death nominations. There, we find Eoghan O'Dea (2), Tino Lechich (3), Jean-Philippe Rohr (7), and the Gus Hansen (8).

Finally, at Table 4, we've got Oleksandr Vaserfirer (1), ElkY (5), Jungleman (7), and Russell Carson (8).