€25,000 High Roller

Problem Resolved

• Level 6: 300-600, 75 ante

We just told you about the little controversy that occurred with some of the re-entries. A PokerStars representative was able to fill us in with what had actually happened and how the situation has been resolved.

MIke "Timex" McDonald was in the registration line for re-entry during the last break. Registration was open until the end of that break, but the line was long enough that things took a bit longer than planned, but he was going to be fine with his situation. Team PokerStars Pro Jonathan Duhamel actually started Level 5 playing in the event as he still had chips, albeit a small amount. Duhamel busted right after the level began and wandered back over towards the registration area, where he saw McDonald in line. Duhamel asked McDonald if registration was still open and McDonald said that he thought it was. Duhamel hopped in the back of the line and proceeded to re-enter for another €25,000. Then they went and showed up in the tournament area back across the building and that's when things raised a little eyebrows.

Some staff got word of the situation and went about resolving the issue. After speaking with both Duhamel and McDonald, it was determined that Duhamel should not have been allowed to re-enter, but that McDonald was fine. Duhamel was already playing, though.

The staff discussed things with Duhamel and told him they would need to remove him from the tournament because he shouldn't have been let back in. Of course any poker player would want to stay back in, but Duhamel understood the decision and was fine with it. There was one other slight problem to fix, though.

Duhamel had played a few hands and won some chips. He was up to 52,500 from his re-entered stack of 50,000. The tournament staff therefore removed the 50,000 from play, but left the 2,500 on the table to be put back into play one big blind at a time per hand. The chips would be added to each pot until they were all gone.

Everyone seemed to be happy with the outcome and kudos to PokerStars and the EPT for an efficient resolution to everything.

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