Main Event

Short Ones

  • George Danzer lost more than two-thirds of his stack in the first level. He's re-building, slowly. We caught the Team PokerStars Pro opening to 700 from the hijack and continuing for 800 on a {10-Hearts}{8-Diamonds}{6-Diamonds} flop. A player on the button called but folded on the flop.
  • Dermot Blain doubled up Roger Suter after putting him to the test for his tournament life. The two were heads up to the turn where the board read {8-Spades}{7-Clubs}{10-Clubs}{3-Diamonds}. Blain had 20,000 out in front of him to cover the 17,800 Suter had behind. The Swiss tanked for a two minutes and called with {j-Hearts}{j-Diamonds} and was up against Blain's {6-Diamonds}{7-Diamonds}. The river came {3-Hearts} and Blaina handed over the necessary chips
  • Talal Shakerchi has been moved tables and has dropped a few chips. He may be 100k down after going from chip leader to out in the Super High-Roller but he seems to be reveling in his environment away from his stress full day job as a hedge fund manager.
Chip stacks
Talal Shakerchi gb 42,000 -26,000
Dermot Blain ie 25,800 -34,200
George Danzer de 14,000 -14,000