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Happy Birthday Griffin Benger

Griffin Benger shares his birthday with another great poker authority - Pokernews very own, intrepid reporter, Frank Op de Woerd. Op de Woerd had his birthday celebration last night while Benger has decided to have his on the felt. Here he is getting a little present from the poker Gods.

There was a raise and two callers before Benger also called in the big blind. The flop came down {10-} {4-} {3-}, Benger bet 5,000 and only Team PokerStars Pro Vanessa Rousso made the call. The turn was the {5-} and Benger moved all-in for 18,000 and after a long dwell Rousso called.

Benger{6-Hearts} {5-Hearts}
Rousso{J-} {10-}

So Benger needed a seven or a deuce, for his birthday present, and the dealer provided it with the {2-} on the river.

Chip stacks
Vanessa Rousso us 60,000 -8,000
Griffin Benger ca 55,000 25,000

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