Main Event

Chouity Sticks It In

From under the gun, Nicolas Chouity raised to 2,400. Bruno Fitoussi called from the next seat and then Jonathan Villeneuve three-bet to 7,000 from the position after that. Action then folded to Robert-Andrei Pescaru and he four-bet to 12,800 out of the cutoff seat. After the button and blinds folded, Chouity raised all in for 44,800. Everyone folded and Chouity won the pot to chip up a bit.

Chip stacks
Bruno Fitoussi fr 159,000 75,000
Nicolas Chouity lb 69,700 45,700
Jonathan Villeneuve 55,000 -3,500
Robert-Andrei Pescaru 48,000 20,400

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