Main Event

Jude Ainsworth is Out

Team PokerStars Pro Jude Ainsworth is out after a three-way pre flop car wreck of a hand.

Andrey Danilyuk raised to 2,500, Ainsworth moved all-in, Janos Molnar moved all-in, Lucille Cailly moved all-in and Danilyuk folded.

Cailly{A-} {A-}
Molnar{J-} {J-}
Ainsworth{10-} {10-}

The aces held up and Cailly sent two players to the rail and moved up to 120,000 in chips. Also joining Ainsworth out of the door were fellow team pros Ana Marquez and Anders Berg

Chip stacks
Lucille Cailly fr 120,000 56,500
Janos Molnar Ude
Jude Ainsworth ie Ude

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