Main Event

Mathew Frankland is Out

Ibrahim Ghassan raised to 5,000 in first position, Mathew Frankland moved all-in as did Dragan Kostic and Ghassan folded.

Kostic{K-} {K-}
Frankland{A-} {Q-}

Ghassan told the table that he had folded Jacks and then the flop fell {K-} {J-} {4-}. When the turna nd river bricked for Frankland, Ghassan was left to rue what could have been, Kostic was left with 110,000 chips and Frankland was left without a seat at the EPT Grand Final.

Chip stacks
Dragan Kostic 110,000 75,600
Mathew Frankland gb Ude

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