Main Event

Harsh End for Minieri

Dario Minieri

Dario Minieri has busted with moments left in the day, and it was quiet unlucky for him.

He was heads up to a {3-Diamonds}{5-Hearts}{7-Diamonds} flop with Giuseppe Pantaleo and all the chips ended up in the middle. Pantaleo opened the drawing {j-Diamonds}{10-Diamonds}, behind to the Team PokerStars Pro's {5-Spades}{5-Clubs} for a set.

The {2-Spades} was in Italy's favour but {4-Diamonds} river was all Germany. It made Pantaleo's flush and ended Mineri's dreams for this season. Pantaleo said sorry and Minieri said, "That's poker!"

Chip stacks
Giuseppe Pantaleo de 290,000 220,000
Dario Minieri it Ude

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