Main Event

Double-Double Up For Danchev

Earlier we brought you news of the exit of our World Champion, Team PokerStars Pro Pius Heinz. His vanquisher was Dimitar Danchev and he is now up to 240,000 after eliminating another opponent.

As usual in the flurry of early exits, the action happened pre flop.

Danchev{9-Diamonds} {9-Clubs}
Opponent{A-Hearts} {8-Diamonds}

Danchev's opponent took the lead on a flop of {A-Spades} {8-Hearts} {2-Clubs}, but Danchev snatched it right back when the {9-Hearts} appeared on the turn. The river {2-Diamonds} had no effect on the result of the hand and Danchev notched another elimination on his list.

Chip stacks
Dimitar Danchev bg 240,000 147,300

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