Main Event

Bonomo's Double Dream Over

Justin Bonomo started the level as the short stack with 125,000 and got his way all the way up to 418,000 and then it all went very wrong.

This happened on the TV table so the details are vague. What we do know is that Bonomo shoved for 554,000 before Geert-Jan Potijk and Andrew Pantling shoved behind.

Bonomo: {a-Hearts}{q-Spades}
Potijk: {q-}{q-}
Pantling: {a-}{k-}

We didn't catch the board but it seemed to run blank.

Chip stacks
Geert-Jan Potijk nl 1,552,000 1,015,000
Andrew Pantling ca 400,000
Justin Bonomo us Ude

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