Main Event

Cailly: A River Bet Too Far

Sergio Castelluccio made a standard raise on the button holding {A-Diamonds} {Q-Spades} and Lucille Cailly defended her big blind with {5-Clubs} {5-Hearts}. The flop of {A-Clubs} {9-Clubs} {4-Diamonds} was checked through and we saw the {J-Spades} on the turn. Cailly bet 225,000 and Castelluccio made the call. Fianlyl we saw the {7-Hearts} and Cailly tried to steal the pot for a second time. She bet 385,000 and Castelluccio snap-called.

Chip stacks
Sergio Castelluccio it 8,200,000 1,000,000
Lucille Cailly fr 3,400,000 -865,000

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