Main Event

Tip-Toe Poker

• Level 29: 40,000-80,000, 10,000 ante
  • Michael Dietrich opened from second position and was only called by Alex Mostafavi. The flop came down king-high and Dietrich made a continuation bet of 120,000. Mostafavi was very predictable as he thought for a while, counted out calling chips, then raising chips before putting them back in his pile. He tapped the table and open folded pocket threes.
  • The next hand Clayton Mozdzen opened to 120,000 from the cut-off before Rodrigo Caprioli three-bet to 380,000 from the small blind. It was a chunky three-bet and was ending a message to the Canadian. Mozdzen read the message loud and clear as he folded.

No one is going to give anything away here.

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