Main Event

EPT Grand Final All Set for the Final Table: Guigon Leads, Cailly in Third

• Level 30: 50,000-100,000, 10,000 ante
Bernard Guigon leading the way

Today was a very strange day of poker. If you were a marquee player, you had an 80% chance of busting. If you got moved to the TV table your chances of making it through the day probably decreased to 15%. On the flip side of that, the more you procrastinated or slow-rolled the better your chances of making the final table became.

Then there was problem of getting from nine players to our final table of eight. That took the best part of five hours (including a one-hour dinner break). All that playing time means that we are have a very shallow final table tomorrow with average stack at just under 25 big blinds.

The chip leader coming into tomorrow is 64-year old Bernard Guigon with 4,900,000 chips, ahead of Rodrigo Caprioli (2,945,000) in second, and Lucille Cailly in third (2,865,000). Here's how the full table will line up tomorrow:

Final Table1Rodrigo Caprioli2,945,000
 2Bernard Guigon4,900,000
 3Michael Dietrich1,550,000
 4Sergio Castelluccio1,410,000
 5Moshin Charania2,215,000
 6Daniel Gomez2,665,000
 7Clayton Mozdzen1,430,000
 8Lucille Cailly2,865,000

Alex Mostafavi busted in ninth when his {a-}{7-} could overcome Guigon’s pocket jacks. As Mostafavi was led away each of the other players embraced each other in a tired but joyous way.

If you followed all the coverage at EPT Berlin then you’ll know things were a little different there, and they will be here as well. EPT Live will broadcasting along with our coverage. As the broadcast will have the players’ hole cards face-up, all coverage (written and visual) will be live from 2.30pm CET time, a one hour delay from the live action.