Main Event

Split Pot Between Charania and Cailly

With a stack of around 10BB, Mike Dietrich folded pocket eights in mid-position! Onto Mohsin Charania and he raised to 225,000 a few seats to his left with {A-Hearts} {10-Hearts}, Lucille Cailly called on the button holding {A-Diamonds} {J-Hearts} and the two shared a flop of {Q-Hearts} {Q-Clubs} {8-Diamonds}. Charania makes a 185,000 c-bet and Cailly made the call.

The turn card was the {7-Clubs} and with 1,050,000 in the pot Charania lined up a second barrel and pulled the trigger. It was for 335,000 and Cailly's face pulled into a look of curiosity before she once again made the call.

The river was another seven {7-Spades} and both players checked and the spoils were shared.

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