Main Event

Castelluccio Gets Another One Through

Clayton Mozdzen raised to 200,000 in mid-position, off a 13BB stack holding {J-Clubs} {10-Diamonds}, and he took down the blinds and antes.


Daniel Gomez raised to 200,000 in first position holding {K-Diamonds} {Q-Diamonds} and Sergo Castelluccio looked down to see {A-Hearts} {J-Hearts} in the small blind. The music man stared at Gomez and Charania (big blind) before moving all-in. Charania folded and Gomez asked for a count. The answer was 1,285,000 and Gomez dug his knuckle into the left side of his temple and started to think. He riffled his chips intently but once again mucked his hand.

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