€100,000 Super High Roller

Tsoukernik Picks One Up

Leon Tsoukernik limped in from under the gun and Anton Allemann raised to 10,000 from the next seat. Philipp Gruissem called from the hijack seat and action folded back to Tsoukernik. He called and the flop came down {J-Hearts}{7-Clubs}{4-Spades}. Tsoukernik and Allemann checked before Gruissem bet 22,000. Tsoukernik check-raised the minimum to 44,000 and Allemann folded. Gruissem called.

Fourth street was the {6-Hearts} and Tsoukernik bet 53,000. Gruissem folded and Tsoukernik won the pot.

Chip stacks
Philipp Gruissem de 376,000 -20,000
Leon Tsoukernik cz 310,000 136,000
Anton Allemann 222,000 32,000

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