€100,000 Super High Roller

Samuel Chartier Eliminates Isaac Haxton

"Rebuy!" Shouts Gus Hansen.

We follow the voice of the Great Dane and find ourselves in the midst of an all-in showdown between Isaac Haxton and Samuel Chartier. The money had all gone in pre flop.

Chartier{Q-Hearts} {Q-Diamonds}
Haxton{A-Diamonds} {K-Clubs}

Chartier has Haxton covered and is therefore the player at risk of elimination. Haxton had already invested €200,000 into this tournament thus far.

Flop: {K-Spades} {5-Hearts} {3-Clubs}

"That's a pretty good flop," said Haxton.

Turn: {K-Hearts}

"That's a good card," said Hansen.

"Well it's not a queen," said Haxton.

River: {Q-Spades}

Hansen looks away from the table and someone nearby shouts, "Boom."

"That will do…you have me covered," said Haxton before leaving the table.

"At least you are free…I always feel free when I bust a big tournament," said Tony G.

We doubt Haxton actually does feel free, at least not yet.

Chip stacks
Isaac Haxton us Ude

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