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One De Meulder Down


We've lost one half of Team De Meulder. It's Christophe who's been bounced, and he was kind enough to tell our Dutch colleague what happened.

De Meulder was the preflop raiser from the cutoff, and both the small and big blinds called the 900 to see a flop. It came {8-} {8-} {7-}, and we'll spoil the drama and tell you that De Meulder was holding {8-Diamonds} {6-Diamonds}. He made a continuation bet of 1,300 after flopping those trips, and the small blind matched the bet to see a heads-up turn card.

It was a {6-}, not a terribly bad card for the Belgian. But the small blind led out into him with 3,100, and De Meulder just flatted to see a {9-} land on the river. Mr. Small Blind shoved in for the ~8,000 De Meulder had left, and he quickly made the call to put himself at risk with the third nuts. It was second-best.

Mr. Small Blind showed up {9-} {9-} for the best hand possible, and De Meulder has made a sour exit from this Day 1b.

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Christophe De Meulder be Ude

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